In late November an open tryout took place where just under 75 athletes from 6 Provinces came together with the Team Canada coaching staff. Simultaneously, we received just over 50 video submissions from across the country. Coaches have been pouring over their notes, reviewing vids and discussing and debating each and every athlete to form the following teams. These are the strongest, youngest and most well-rounded teams Canada has ever fielded. We have no doubt that they will make Canada proud.



Payment Dates:
December 15th, 2017 $250 – 1st deposit due to secure spot. If payment isn’t made, the roster spot will be released                                                                                                    January 15th, 2018 $250 – 2nd deposit due
February 15th, 2018 $250 – 3rd deposit due
March 8th, 2018 $250 – 4th deposit due
March 29th, 2018 $250 – final payment due.

Important Dates

Training Camp #1 – March 8th – 12th
Training Camp #2 – March 29th – April 2nd – Easter Weekend
Training schedule for both will be as follows –
 Thursday – Travel & Practice 7pm
 Friday – Practice – all day
 Saturday – Practice all day
 Sunday – Practice to 4pm
 Monday – Travel if necessary

Training Camp #3 – April 20th – 24th in Florida
 Saturday – Travel & Practice 3pm
 Sun., Mon. & Tues. – Practice ALL DAY

ICU World Championships – April 25th – April 29th
ESPN Wide World of Sports
 Wednesday – Opening Ceremonies
 Thursday – Preliminary Competition
 Friday – Final Championships

What is provided by Team Canada Cheer:
 An amazing experience as a member of the 2017-18 National Team Program
 Travel and housing costs for Camp 1 & Camp 2
 Housing and ground transportation for Camp 3 in Florida
– includes night of Thurs April 26 and ground transport through ICU Championships
 Extensive Team Canada Uniform and Apparel package from ProCheer
 Professional medical care at all Training Camps and Competitions by certified
Athletic Therapists & Physio Therapists from Back on Track and Cheer Med
 Liability and Sport Accident Insurance for all Team Canada Activities
 Out-of- Country medical insurance from Saturday April 21 st – Friday April 28th

What is not provided by the CCU program during the process:
 Food during all training camps and through competition week
 Travel or accommodation for athletes within a 100km radius of local camps
 Airfare to/from Florida
 Accommodation on Friday April 27th (as many athletes join their All-Star Teams)
o Accommodations can be extended for those not joining other teams
 Extension of out-of- country medical if an athlete’s stay is extended

What must also be provided by the athlete:
 100% Effort and a team focussed attitude
 Desire to meet and exceed all expectations of coaches and the team related to
mental and physical preparedness.
 Achieving fundraising goal in order to ensure payments are received by CCU
staff on or before each deadline.




  1. How old do you have to be to try out for your team and what level stunting is required.

    • The season the age requirement was 17 in 2014. And both teams will be competing in the Premier division (which is similar to Allstar Level 6).

  2. I know that flights are not included to Florida but will there be shuttles available to the hotel once the athletes arrive in Florida on the 21st?

    • The travel day for athletes is Saturday, April 22nd. There is currently no plan to pick up, or house athletes who travel this day unless there are extraordinary circumstances (such as no flights available from their locale). Athletes will be responsible for the costs associated with housing and transportation on the 22nd.

  3. When athletes go to live tryouts do they need to come with a stunt group or can they attend individually?

    • Hi Katie – You should ideally come with a group or partner. Last season 5 of 6 AG Premier groups were chosen together. It puts you at a huge advantage. If its impossible to find a group you will be put with the other Individuals.

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