Cheer Canada is excited to release the details of the selection process for the Senior National Teams who will represent Canada at the 2019 Worlds Championships in Orlando Florida in April of 2019.

The Cheer Canada National Team Program will be responsible for all aspects of the process including the selection of coaches and athletes as well as the assembly of the support and medical staff to ensure the continued success of Team Canada Cheer.

Below there are details about the Athlete Tryout Process and the specific Skill Requirements for each athlete. There is also detailed information about Costs, Training dates, Training Camps, general information about the 2019 ICU World Cheerleading Championships as well as what is provided by the program and what is expected of the athlete’s Tryout Process:

• Live tryout will take place at PCA Univ. & Open Nationals CAA Centre Brampton Saturday December 1 st, 2018 6pm – 8pm. Doors open at 5:30pm

• Video submission must be posted online before 11:59pm of November 16th, 2018.

Application for both LIVE and Video Submission Tryout CLICK HERE.

Tryout Cost for Video Tryout – $100 Tryout Cost for Live Tryouts – $75 (FREE if video submission with payment is made) We encourage anyone who can attend the live tryout, to do so but realize that travel may make this prohibitive so have made a video tryout possible. There is no weighted advantage to either, however, there can be more time to impress the coaches in person.

For those attending the LIVE Tryout please be sure to fill out a waiver

Under 18yrs old – Minor waiver

Over 18yrs old – Adult

Teams will be announced on December 9th, 2018 at 9:00 PM

What is provided by Team Canada Cheer:

  • An amazing experience as a member of the 2018-19 National Team Program • Travel and housing costs for Camp 1 & Camp 2
  • Housing and ground transportation for Camp 3 in Florida – From Thurs April 18th thru 25th and ground transport through ICU Champs
  • Extensive Team Canada Uniform and Apparel package from ProCheer
  • Professional medical care at all Training Camps and Competitions by certified Athletic Therapists & Physio Therapists from Back on Track and Cheer Med
  • Liability and Sport Accident Insurance for all Team Canada Activities
  • Out-of-Country medical insurance from Thursday April 18th – Friday April 26th

What is not provided by Team Canada Cheer program during the process:

  • Food during all training camps and through competition week
  • Travel or accommodation for athletes within a 100km radius of local camps
  • Airfare to/from Florida
  • Accommodation on Friday April 26th (as many athletes join their All-Star Teams) o Accommodations can be extended for those not joining other teams
  • Extension of out-of-country medical if an athlete’s stay is extended

What must also be provided by the athlete:

  • 100% Effort and a team focussed attitude
  • Desire to meet and exceed all expectations of coaches and the team related to mental and physical preparedness.
  • Achieving fundraising goal in order to ensure payments are received by Cheer Canada National Team staff on or before each deadline.

Athlete Fundraising Goal:

• Each athlete is expected to raise $1250 to help cover some of the costs of administering the program.

Payment Due Dates:

  • December 15th, 2018 $250 – 1st deposit due to secure spot. If payment isn’t made, roster spot will be released
  • January 11th, 2019 $250 – 2nd deposit due.
  • February 15th, 2019 $250 – 3 rd deposit due
  • March 1 st, 2019 $250 – 4th deposit due March 22 nd, 2019 $250 – final payment due

Fundraising Campaign – A GoFundMe campaign will be set up, similar to that of previous years which enable donations from the general public who wish to support the National Team Program. Any donation allocated to a particular athlete will be applied to that athlete’s account — MINUS the GoFundMe service fees — and will reduce the payment amounts due at the subsequent payment date. Donations from family members or corporate donations should be made via cheque or etransfer to ensure entire donation amount is applied to the athlete account. Please note that any donation made via GoFundMe that is not allocated to a specific athlete will be applied to the general funding account and applied for the benefit of all. In addition, the Cheer Canada Sponsorship Committee will be actively seeking support from the cheerleading community as well as the corporate community to facilitate more funding for the program. We are excited about the expected increase in National support.

Important Dates

Probable East / West Training Dates To be held at central locations likely to be in AB/BC or ON/QC where coaches would travel to areas with high concentration of Team Canada athletes for one day of training. Dates will be based on greatest availability of coaches and athletes. Possible dates are: January 5 & 6 -or- January 12 & 13 -or- January 19 & 20

Training Camp #1 – December 27th – December 30th (100% mandatory)

Training Camp #2 – March 21 st – March 24th (100% mandatory)

Training schedule for both will be as follows –

  • Wednesday – Travel day for December camp
  • Thursday – Travel day for March Camp & Practice 7pm • Friday – Practice – all day
  • Saturday – Practice all day • Sunday – Practice to 4pm & return travel

Training Camp #3 – April 18th – 23 rd – Easter weekend in Florida

  • Thursday – Travel Day for some
  • Friday – late arrival travel & Practice 3pm
  • Sat., Sun., Mon. & Tues. – Practice ALL DAY ICU World Championships – April 24th – April 26th ESPN Wide World of Sports
  • Wednesday – Opening Ceremonies
  • • Thursday – Preliminary Competition
  • Friday – Final Championships


Premier team Athletes must be 17 years of age or older in 2019 to apply.




11 Comments on “TEAM CANADA PREMIER 2019

  1. How old do you have to be to try out for your team and what level stunting is required.

    • The season the age requirement was 17 in 2014. And both teams will be competing in the Premier division (which is similar to Allstar Level 6).

  2. I know that flights are not included to Florida but will there be shuttles available to the hotel once the athletes arrive in Florida on the 21st?

    • The travel day for athletes is Saturday, April 22nd. There is currently no plan to pick up, or house athletes who travel this day unless there are extraordinary circumstances (such as no flights available from their locale). Athletes will be responsible for the costs associated with housing and transportation on the 22nd.

  3. When athletes go to live tryouts do they need to come with a stunt group or can they attend individually?

    • Hi Katie – You should ideally come with a group or partner. Last season 5 of 6 AG Premier groups were chosen together. It puts you at a huge advantage. If its impossible to find a group you will be put with the other Individuals.

  4. Do we know when tryouts for next years (2019) teams will start, as well as the age minimum and level?

    • For the Premier teams requirements will be posted for both video and live tryouts shortly. These teams are for those 17 and up. The level is PREMIER.

      For Junior teams the tryout process is expected to be similar to previous years. Teams should be made up of athletes ages 12-16 years old. Junior Coed will be Advanced, while Junior All girl will be Elite.

      Special Abilities and Para requirements are TBD.

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