Tryout Vids have started to arrive!

Its the most wonderful time of year! A time filled with the potential of what can be….with amazing athletes beginning to send in their applications and vids for the 2015 version of Team Canada.

There have been a number of questions all along the same theme. So we’ll try to cover them off in this post:

1. When in doubt, try out. While the skill requirements are high we KNOW that we’ve got the athletes in the country to make two amazing teams. So don’t doubt yourself. Do it…you won’t regret it.

2. All video footage should be current. DO NOT include old footage. We want to see what you can currently do and not what you used to be able to do. If there is an injury that limits your ability make note of it along with your prognosis and planned rehab.

3. One video per person. While you are trying out with a group or pair and your group skills should be the same, you should only include your jumps and tumbling. We don’t want to watch 4 girls jumps, then 4 girls tumble. It gets confusing for the committee. One vid per person – your skills only.

4. Non sprung floor tumbling only.

5. When in doubt about a grip requested, do what you know.

6. If a stunt skill is impossible…leave it out.

7. If a stunt skill is almost there but not perfect….put it in.

8. Yes, you can try out as an individual.

9. Yes, you can try out as a tumbling specialist as a male…but know that at one point you are going to throw a basket or base a pyramid…so show you can. Tumbling only WILL NOT get you on the team.

10. Be on time with your submission. Irrespective of situation once the deadline has past we don’t not accept them.


Best of luck to everyone. Remember the deadline is midnight November 15th!

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