Team Canada athletes are going to coast to coast working with athletes ages 9 and UP! Come learn from some of Canada’s best! You must register online (payment is $40 cash at the door).

Regina, SK on April 30
Edmonton, AB on May 6
Vancouver, BC on May 7
Mississauga, ON on May 8
Montreal, QC on May 13
Truro, NS on May 14

Click HERE to register.


  1. i registered 2 girls today for your Vancouver, BC on May 7, is there anyway we can get a confirmation if the registration went through? I’ve never used a system like this before. My name is Sheri Kasper, and I registered Niki K and Alexa C.

  2. DO youi need to have a stunt group? Or can one athlete sign up?
    Thank You

    • You do not need to have a stunt group to sign up. Athletes that come as individuals will get grouped with other like-ability athletes to form a group.

  3. What skills will be covered in the clinics? I’ve heard it is only stunting but haven’t seen this written anywhere.

    • It is primarily a stunt clinic. Depending on the levels of that athletes at the event we may also cover basket tosses.

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