2017 Team Canada Roster

Below are the results from the strongest and largest Team Canada tryout in 5 years. We thank everyone who made the effort to become part of these incredible teams.

For all those that did not make the team this season feedback on your tryout is available. Coed athletes can contact Coach Sandy and All Girl athletes should contact Coach Marcy via email.

Please note that coaches MAY reach out to athletes not rostered (those that have tried out this season or not) if the candidates on the list cannot fulfil their commitment due to injury, financial reasons, or if rostered athletes cannot meet the potential/skills presented at tryouts.

2017 Rostered Athletes please note that you first Payment of $250 MUST be received by December 16th, 2016. Failure to receive this deposit will result in you forfeiting your spot.

Cheque payable to: Canadian Cheer Union — sent to Team Canada Cheer  c/o 1420 Bayly Street #16, Pickering, ON L1W 3R4

Etransfer to:  teamcanada@canadiancheer.com




1.       Dayna Lowe

2.       Kirsten Ionadi

3.       Alyssa Johns

4.       Emma Heaps

5.       Nat Wong

6.       Melina Pineau

7.       Lexington Durnin

8.       Emily Bayliss

9.       Stephanie Bacon

10.   Jordyn Wittmeyer

11.   Cleo Duffy

12.   Emily Ho

13.   Kaitlyn Harvey

14.   Sierra Murphy

15.   Danielle Logozny

16.   Taylor Magee

17.   Courtney Hobbs

18.   Meghan Clarke

19.   Laura Gurica

20.   Courtney Walters

21.   Ashton Ellis

22.   Naomi Smith

23.   Hayley Chau

24.   Marley Gray

25.   Heather Szmentiray

26.   Holly Moore

27.   Sarah But

28.   Dylan Teeter

29.   Tahlia Changoot

We would also like to welcome the following non-rostered athletes to training camp for development purposes

1.  Kayla Taylor

2. Jessie Pinkey

3. Lauren Martin

4. Samantha Yerkie


1 Ali Bazzi
2 Chris McMurren
3 Dallas Kutnikoff
4 Dan Golfi
5 Daniel Yip
6 Evan Heichs
7 Gabriel Roy
8 Jonathan Proulx
9 Joshua Kashef
10 Kevin Cady
11 Kurtis Ford
12 Kyle Fix
13 Marc-Andre Lauzon
14 Mark Loughery
15 Max Pfeiffer
16 Nick Verberg
17 Spencer Newberry
18 Zack Bethell
19 April Grant
20 Demi Chong
21 Emma Headley
22 Hailey Musto
23 Hannah Bocus
24 Jassy Chan
25 Josslyn Farrow
26 Kaanchana Kerr
27 Le Makokis
28 Meaghan Giesbrecht
29 Meghan Hunter
30 Michelle Piper Kulak
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