CCU Seeks Team To Represent Canada at the ICU Junior World Championships

February 6, 2017

Due to discussions with various ICU officials, the CCU is actively seeking an existing Jteam to represent Canada at the upcoming ICU World Championship in April.

To qualify you must be a:

Be able to field an age eligible team (12-16 years of age – please note that this is different than current age grid and teams may have to use appropriate substitutions). Level 4 or Level 5. All-Girl or Coed.

Send an email with a link to with an uploaded current year competition video and include the team’s roster and ages (all out of the age range athletes will need to be replaced within the selected gym/program). This is due On or BEFORE February 14, 2017. With the selection committee making the decision before February 20th.

Commit to the expenses of travel and accommodations in Florida, plus costs of Team Canada uniform and clothing kit (offered at a discounted rate). Your team/gym/coach is expected to make all travel and accommodations – the CCU will assist in securing your competition registration.

CCU will provide additional expert coaching to prepare the team along with opportunities to train along-side Team Canada in Orlando, FLA prior to the event at no cost.

We appreciate that this is incredibly short notice. 2018 Junior Team Requirements are currently being determined and will be posted in the next few days.

Best of luck to those teams that submit applications.

Go Canada Go!

2 Comments on “CCU Seeks Team To Represent Canada at the ICU Junior World Championships

  1. What is the youngest age you would begin to look at for consideration? My daughter is 12 thank you

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