Cheer Canada, the recognised National Sport Organization for cheerleading in Canada, is pleased to announce a call to all athletes that wish to represent Canada at the ICU World Championships in the Premier divisions for the 2019-2020 season.

This year represents a change to the way athletes will be selected to teams so please be sure to review the entire document and note the dates and requirements. Any questions regarding the process should be sent to for clarification.


11 Comments on “TEAM CANADA PREMIER 2020

  1. How old do you have to be to try out for your team and what level stunting is required.

    • The season the age requirement was 17 in 2014. And both teams will be competing in the Premier division (which is similar to Allstar Level 6).

  2. I know that flights are not included to Florida but will there be shuttles available to the hotel once the athletes arrive in Florida on the 21st?

    • The travel day for athletes is Saturday, April 22nd. There is currently no plan to pick up, or house athletes who travel this day unless there are extraordinary circumstances (such as no flights available from their locale). Athletes will be responsible for the costs associated with housing and transportation on the 22nd.

  3. When athletes go to live tryouts do they need to come with a stunt group or can they attend individually?

    • Hi Katie – You should ideally come with a group or partner. Last season 5 of 6 AG Premier groups were chosen together. It puts you at a huge advantage. If its impossible to find a group you will be put with the other Individuals.

  4. Do we know when tryouts for next years (2019) teams will start, as well as the age minimum and level?

    • For the Premier teams requirements will be posted for both video and live tryouts shortly. These teams are for those 17 and up. The level is PREMIER.

      For Junior teams the tryout process is expected to be similar to previous years. Teams should be made up of athletes ages 12-16 years old. Junior Coed will be Advanced, while Junior All girl will be Elite.

      Special Abilities and Para requirements are TBD.

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