2019 Team Canada Premier

Thank you to everyone that made the attempt to represent our amazing country. We are extremely pleased with the ability level in Canada. Congratulations to the following athletes.

Team Canada Coed Premier

1 Demi Chong
2 Meaghan Giesbriecht
3 Katie Kovacs
4 Karolane Archambault
5 Hannah Roberts
6 Shae Book
7 Natalie Wong
8 Jessie Pham
9 Jessyka Avery
10 AnnaRose Boyes
11 Meika Wong
12 Marc-Andre Lauzon
13 Vincent Cruz
14 Jordan Im
15 Nick Verburg
16 Gabriel Roy
17 Lachlan Meyer
18 Zack Bethell
19 Stephane Martel
20 William Bourgeois
21 Max Pfeiffer
22 Alex Marchand
23 Kurt Ford
24 Mario Carito
25 Binh Ngo
26 Brandon Edmonds
27 Dallas Kutnikoff


Josh Matos

Adam Maynard

There are a number of athletes that we’d like to put on-reserve. Coaches will be reaching out personally to you in the next few days.


Team Canada All Girl Premier

Please note that this is the short-listed for this team, all listed are invited to the first training camp after which we will reduce the list to 28 athletes. An email regarding the process/implications will be forthcoming.


Ashton Ellis
British Columbia
Denika Garrick
British Columbia
Morgan Kerr
British Columbia
Julia Reinhard
British Columbia
Sierra-Rain Murphy
British Columbia
Tea Ham
British Columbia
Tahlia Changfoot
British Columbia
Melina Pineau Ontario
Lindsay Lew Ontario
Stephanie Bacon Ontario
Sarah Butt Ontario
Maris Fardoe Manitoba
Hailey Musto Manitoba
Megan Donnelly Manitoba
Meagan (Missy) Levasseur Manitoba
Melinda Leite Ontario
Teya Craik Ontario
Kaitlyn Harvey Ontario
Laura Gurica Ontario
Spenard Lapierre
Melissa Boivin Quebec
Rosemarie Pilon Quebec
Rebecca St- Jules Quebec
Holly Moore Ontario
Hannah Bocas Ontario
Alexis Veccharelli Ontario
Jordyn Hoag Ontario
Megan Hunter Ontario
Kayla Taylor Ontario
Danielle Logozny Ontario
Haley Chau Ontario
Bria Mitchell Ontario


2019 Premier Team Coaching Staff

The National Team Committee of Cheer Canada is thrilled to announce the coaches for the 2019 ICU Team Canada Premier teams. Due to the unmitigated success of the program in the past few seasons we are happy to announce that all coaches from 2018 have applied to remain. We welcome back Marcy Kuzemchak from the Cheerforce Wolfpack, Thomas Rath of Saskatchewan and Ashley Impellezere from Vancouver All-Stars to the All Girl Premier staff and are excited to add Stephany De Rosa from Flyers All-Starz into the mix.

Stephany is a multi-time medalist at the IASF World Championships as both an athlete and coach, taking home a bronze medal at the 2018 World Championships with the Small Coed team, Flyers Lightening. Stephany is a well-known Canadian choreographer and has worked with many successful University programs. Stephany sees what others may miss and her optimism, technical skills, and talent have brought her to the Team Canada staff.

“It is the most rewarding feeling to know that you brought a group of individuals together and helped them become a team who beat all the odds.”


Leading the Coed Premier team this season once again are  David Lee Tracey of Western University and the PCG Vipers, Sandy Han of Kingston Elite, and Nicole Myers-Pugh of PCT Cheer and Tumble. We are thrilled to have this combination of passion, skill, and creativity working with some of the best coed athletes on the planet.

We are certain that with these seven Canada is in GREAT hands. Let’s go Canada!



Le comité des équipes nationales de Cheer Canada est ravi d’annoncer les entraîneurs des équipes canadiennes ICU 2019. Un appel à tous a été lancé au début d’octobre et nous avons reçu des candidatures de partout au Canada. En raison de l’immense succès du programme au cours des dernières saisons, nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que tous les entraîneurs de la saison 2018 ont appliqué à nouveau.
Nous souhaitons donc la bienvenue à Marcy Kuzemchak de Cheerforce Wolfpack, à Thomas Rath de Saskatchewan et à Ashley Impellezere de Vancouver All-Stars parmi le personnel All Girl Premier et sommes ravis d’accueillir Stephany De Rosa de chez Flyers All-Starz dans l’équipe.
Stephany fut médaillée plusieurs fois aux Championnats du monde de IASF en tant qu’athlète et entraîneur, remportant une médaille de bronze en 2018 avec l’équipe Coed, Flyers Lightening. Stephany est une chorégraphe canadienne réputée et a collaboré avec de nombreux programmes universitaires de renom. Stephany excelle dans l’exécution des moindres détails et son optimisme, ses compétences techniques et son talent l’ont amenée au sein du personnel d’Équipe Canada.
David Lee Tracey de Western University et PCG Vipers, Sandy Han de Kingston Elite et Nicole Myers-Pugh de PCT Cheer and Tumble sont à la tête de l’équipe Coed Premier cette saison. Nous sommes ravis de pouvoir associer passion, savoir-faire et créativité avec nos meilleurs athlètes nationaux.
Nous sommes certains qu’avec cette équipe de sept entraîneurs, le Canada est entre de bonnes mains. Allez Canada!

2019 Call for Coaches

Team Canada Cheer is seeking qualified and interested coaches for the 2019 ICU World Championship Teams. Interested parties should fill out the application form HERE.

2019 Team Canada Information

October 1st, 2018

The 2019 Team Canada Premier athlete information is now available including: tryout requirements and process, training camp schedule and costs.

The 2019 Junior Team Canada selection process is now available.


Starting in 2018, the National Team Committee has become a sub-committee reporting to Cheer Canada,  we are thrilled to have increased National presence, oversite and transparency.


CCU Selects Team Canada Special Abilities

CCU this thrilled to announce that we will be participating in Special Abilities division at the ICU World Championships in April. A call for submissions was made in late November as we looked to select teams from existing programs across the country to wear the red and white and represent Canada at this prestigious inaugural event.
The selection process was similar to all other team selections, with a video that showcased a routine, no editing. A panel of judges made up of coaches, gym owners, and Provincial Federation representatives have selected one team in the Special Abilities Traditional Division (Teams comprised of 100% athletes with intellectual disabilities per team).
We would like to congratulate the team from PCT Cheer and Tumble on being selected.
Please join us in congratulating the athletes and coaches, we know you will make Canada proud.


Team Canada is thrilled to announce the programs that will represent our country at the ICU World Junior Championships. The process for selection was a rigorous one with two phases. In phase one, teams from across the country submitted a skills video and were adjudicated by a nationally representative panel made up of coaches, judges, gym owners and provincial federation members. The selections were culled from many to 5 programs. In phase two, each team was asked to showcase their routine, performed without breaks or cuts, on a non-sprung mat. Again, the panel deliberated.
Representing Canada as our Junior National Coed Advanced Team will be the team made up of athletes from Perfect Storm Athletics. And representing Canada as our Junior National All Girl Elite Team will be the team made up of athletes from PCT Cheer And Tumble.
Please join us in wishing these teams the best of luck at the ICU World Championship this spring.

2018 Winter Olympic Games

We are thrilled that cheerleading will be represented at the Pyeongchang Olympic games as part of the pageantry and ceremony. At present, Team Canada has not been contacted by Cheer Canada to partake in this event. We stand ready to represent our nation with athletes from coast to coast of the highest calibre if asked.


2018 Team Canada Coaching Staff

We are thrilled to announce the 2018 Team Canada Coaching Staff.

All Girl Premier Staff

Marcy Kuzemchak from the Cheerforce Wolfpack

Thomas Rath from the University of Regina

Ashley Impellezere from Vancouver All-Stars


Coed Premier Staff

David Lee Tracey of Western University and the PCG Vipers

Sandy Han of Kingston Elite

Nicole Myers-Pugh of PCT Cheer and Tumble

Call For 2018 Coaching Nominations

The CCU is now accepting nominations for the 2018 Team Canada Premier All Girl and Coed team coaches. All interested and qualified coaches are encouraged to apply.



Once again, Canada is hoping to field two Junior teams for the ICU World Junior Championships in 2018. Information regarding team selection is now posted.