Help Fund Our Athletes

Team Canada All Girl and Coed Premier athletes are seeking the help of family, friends, local businesses and the Canadian Cheerleading community to help fund our run at the Podium in 2015.

The International Cheer Union World Championships will be help on April 24th in Orlando and each participating member of Team Canada has been asked to raise $1000 to cover the cost of training and incidentals.

Your generous donation will help send one of Canada’s best cheerleaders to represent the Red and White this year. Please be sure to note the name of the Team Canada athlete you are supporting in the comments.



Tryout Vids have started to arrive!

Its the most wonderful time of year! A time filled with the potential of what can be….with amazing athletes beginning to send in their applications and vids for the 2015 version of Team Canada.

There have been a number of questions all along the same theme. So we’ll try to cover them off in this post:

1. When in doubt, try out. While the skill requirements are high we KNOW that we’ve got the athletes in the country to make two amazing teams. So don’t doubt yourself. Do it…you won’t regret it.

2. All video footage should be current. DO NOT include old footage. We want to see what you can currently do and not what you used to be able to do. If there is an injury that limits your ability make note of it along with your prognosis and planned rehab.

3. One video per person. While you are trying out with a group or pair and your group skills should be the same, you should only include your jumps and tumbling. We don’t want to watch 4 girls jumps, then 4 girls tumble. It gets confusing for the committee. One vid per person – your skills only.

4. Non sprung floor tumbling only.

5. When in doubt about a grip requested, do what you know.

6. If a stunt skill is impossible…leave it out.

7. If a stunt skill is almost there but not perfect….put it in.

8. Yes, you can try out as an individual.

9. Yes, you can try out as a tumbling specialist as a male…but know that at one point you are going to throw a basket or base a pyramid…so show you can. Tumbling only WILL NOT get you on the team.

10. Be on time with your submission. Irrespective of situation once the deadline has past we don’t not accept them.


Best of luck to everyone. Remember the deadline is midnight November 15th!


The Tryout Deadline for video submission has been extended to November 15th, 2014.


Our most heartfelt congratulations go out to  four year Team Canada veteran, Katie Kovacs on her election as the Pan-American athlete representative of the ICU to the International Olympic Committee. Katie is sure to represent the Americas with grace and honour. We wish her the best in her new role.


Team Canada is thrilled to announce that we’ve just signed a sponsorship with LOGO LUGGAGE as our official custom travel luggage supplier. Please visit them at to see how you or your team can have custom travel luggage.

Logo Luggage

Going to Worlds?

Are you a Canadian All-Star team heading to the World Championships immediately following ICU? If you have your bid, be sure to get listed and order your OH CANADA shirts! Part of the proceeds goes directly to the CCU. The shirt is traditionally worn by every Canadian on the Friday of the ICU Championships – we create a sea of red in support of our very own Team Canada. Its an amazing tradition that has taken place every year for the past 5 years – don’t miss out.

Click for the order form HERE. Sorry, only team orders accepted.



Welcome to CheerMed and Back on Track

Team Canada is thrilled to announce that we have renewed our relationship with CheerMed Physio Therapy again this season! And we’ve also formed a partnership with Back on Track Active Rehab. Both are 2014 Official Sponsors of the CCU and Team Canada. They will be providing invaluable expertise and services as our onsite Athletic Therapist and a Physio Therapist at both home camp, away camp and throughout the ICU World Championship weekend.

We welcome back CheerMed and heartily welcome Back on Track, knowing that they will help Canada’s competitive advantage. #ImWithTheTeam