2013 Team Canada All Girl Premier

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2013 Team Canada Coed Elite

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2013 Team Canada All Girl Elite

Check out the 2013 Team Canada All Girl Elite experience with our friends from AceTV

October 14, 2013

CCU committee members met to nominate coaching staff for the 2014 Team Canada teams. Invitations have been sent to some of Canada’s best and brightest in hopes that they will accept the challenge of exclusively entering the Premier division in both All Girl and Coed.

As the ICU voted last season to allow countries only two teams vs. the four that Canada fielded in 2013. CCU will take the bold and brave step and walk away from the Elite division, in which we have won ten GOLD MEDALS. Its time for Canada to challenge to Premier powerhouses in earnest – putting our best effort forward in 2014 as we make a run for the podium.